Saturday, February 4, 2017

Now It Is February

Some early afternoons when the sun is shining, I take up my knitting and sit in my Great Grandmother's chair in front of a tall window with a southern exposure. While the sun warms my back, I watch the light play with color and shades in the yarn. Light also highlights shadows among the texture. Fifteen or twenty minutes is a nice break in the day.  

I finished the hat and mitten sets for my grandsons and sent them off in a Valentine's Day package. Although I have two other projects on the needles, I returned to these socks. Vanilla socks are comfort knitting.

I bought the skein because I thought the colors were so pretty together. I am not as pleased with the colors as they display in the fabric. Still, the yarn has a lovely hand and who am I to argue with green socks in January. My goal is to create a snug ribbed vanilla sock pattern for my narrow foot. The customary sixty-four stitches in many patterns is too wide while the smaller size of fifty-six stitches is too small. I am knitting a version of a broken rib stitch on a circumference of sixty stitches. The repeat goes like this. Row One: Knit 4, Purl 2. Row Two: Knit. I may try a slightly shorter heel flap on the second sock to see if it fits better.    

I'm reading Upstream, a book of essays by the well known poet, Mary Oliver. She writes prose with a marvelous elegance of language and reverence for natural world. Upstream collects a few new essays with those previously published. Even though I have read many of these pieces, I find something new on each page. Light shines from her writing as well as the cover art.

Now it is February and the quality of natural light begins to shift. Dawn and dusk change while the cycle of seasons remains constant. As we turn toward Spring, I mean to savor the last orange and lavender streaks of winter sunsets.


  1. How lovely to have your great grandmother's chair to sit in and enjoy the view while you knit. What kind of chair is it? I have my paternal grandmother's vintage knitting needles as her eyesight has diminished over the years. I have three wool coats of my centenarian great aunt who passed about two years ago. It's nice to have parts of them.

  2. I do love Mary Oliver! I have one of her collections and need to add more. I love the idea of you sitting in your great grandmother's chair what a treasure!!

  3. Love your socks. I was just thinking of Mary Oliver as she is so pure and so lovely in her words. No horror, no shock value like so much of other authors' words these days. It is staying light later here, but still very wintry. I dare not think of spring....

  4. that has happened to me so many the yarn in the skein and then the socks are sort of 'blah'. :( I just tell myself that hardly anyone actually SEES the socks but me (or hubby) long as the yarn feels good, the socks are good. (I just don't choose them to wear often from the sock basket, though---which means they will last FOREVER!!!! eep!)

  5. I have seen this book a number of times now. Must see if my library has a copy.