Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Through the eyes of a toddler

My daughter and her family are staying with us while they are in between homes. While intergenerational living challenges the adults, there are benefits. Kate and Patrick had a place to stay while they waited to move into their new/old house. Kate and I shared grocery shopping and cooking which meant delicious dinners from new recipes. Patrick dug a hole for a new tree in the backyard which my husband and I appreciated.  Lance's new knee and my back don't stand up well to hard physical labor. Perhaps, best of all, we shared some wonderful moments with our grandson.

At 21 months old, E. is a whirling dervish falling in love with his world. Although he pushes trucks, throws balls, and enjoys books, the natural world is his best playground. Starlings splashing in rain water delight him. He points out the window and announces "tweet tweet'' when gold finches land at the feeder. Evenings he waters potted plants very seriously and then turns the hose on his parents and plays in the spray. His little body works well so he runs with gusto before suddenly stopping to watch leaves sway in the breeze. The bindweed in our yard doesn't phase him. Instead he runs his thumb over the center of a spent daisy and watches seeds float onto his bare feet. Smelling the neighbors onions makes him giggle. He lingers over cone flowers comparing prickly centers in various stages of bloom. He asks for "more" when a rabbit dares to hop across the trail and out of his sight. When Kate walks in at the end of the day, he grins and shouts "Mama." In the bathtub after a busy day, he hollers to protest the water being poured over his head. Once dry and in pj's, he chooses two bedtime books, listens to them before giving a goodnight pat to his dog and loves to his parents and grandparents.

Kate and Patrick have given E. a wonderful first year and a half. However, he is a toddler so there are still things to learn. He says "no" when he means "yes" and "up" when he wants someone to pick him up out of his high chair in order to get down. Yesterday after his nap, he sat on my lap to read a pile of books. He pointed to turtles, toothbrushes, and dragonflies. A few days ago, he figured out how to turn knob to open the front door. Today, our house is quiet while E. helps his very patient Dad unpack boxes and totes. As for me, I am looking forward to E's discoveries on the other side of the new front door.