Monday, July 22, 2013

Diving In

Summer weather is here. Recently my daughter and grandson invited me to spend a late afternoon at the swimming pool with them. Water play with an almost three year old was fun and exuberant. Over and over, my grandson jumped into his mother's arms with reckless abandon. He also requested at least fifty games of "Ring Around the Rosy" so he could duck under the water. When asked about his soon to be born sibling, E. predicted he will have a sister. Although I knit the little boy sweater first, which is my guess, I have baby sweaters ready for either sex. Recently I knit another little girl sweater, the Louise Cardigan from Vintage Baby Knits in Sweetheart sock yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts. The pattern and the yarn were a good match. I'm currently knitting a hat to go with the sweater. Someone in the family will eventually have a girl.

I also decided to knit a shawl for my daughter, the soon to be the Mom of her second child. I wanted to make a soft shawl to wrap up my daughter whenever she needs warmth and/or a hug. Looking on Ravelry, I found this knitting recipe for Diving In, an asymmetrical shawl. The contemporary geometric design with stripes seemed just right for Kate. Besides becoming a mother is rather like diving into deep water. One never knows what lies ahead. Thankfully, most of us find our way through those first months of being new parents. Still a handknit shawl to wrap around my daughter was one more way to give her a hug so I asked her to choose three colors of Quince and Co. fingering weight yarn. Knitting the garter stitch was meditative and just what I needed during my last days of June summer school. The way the designer created the stripes was quite ingenious and kept me interested in the project.

I'm not sure if I find serendipity between knitted projects and life because I look for it or if the stitches carry memory of their own. Regardless, I told my daughter, the asymmetry in the shawl was a reminder that life can be off kilter, that is, sleep will be interrupted by a new baby needing to be fed, housework will pile up, and E., still a young preschooler may have some moments when he is out of sorts. Even so, crazy days can still be good. One of my wishes for Kate is that this shawl warms her with unconditional love and support. God's speed as you dive into yet another new adventure.