Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yard and Garden News

Two weeks ago, my husband built a raised bed frame to add to my garden space. He combined this

and this

so I can rotate the tomato crop around the garden.

Seeds for green beans, summer squash, and one hill of cucumbers have germinated and pushed up from under the ground. Noses of resident rabbits are twitching in anticipation of fresh beans. Last evening my dear husband put up the infamous "bunny fence" made from chicken wire. Because I usually fall over the fence at least once each summer, he made a makeshift gate by lapping the wire around the last corner rather than threading the stake through the wire. I'm getting older.

In other news, the blue jay couple is feeding two babes. The arborist who trimmed the tree reported four eggs but I can see only two offspring. The nest is getting crowded and Mama looks like she could use a bath.

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