Sunday, February 8, 2015

Messy Creations

Today sun is streaming in the windows as the recent heavy snowfall melts. Earlier this morning I saw a robin on my windowsill. Robins winter in Nebraska but even so the sight of that rust colored breast against a blue sky hints of Spring.

Currently I am making small books from a set of plain envelopes and cards purchased at a craft store. I adapted the You Tube Envelope Mini Album Series to make a small book. The videos provide clear detailed instructions for making a small scrapbooking album. Since these books are a container for my poems, I did less decorating. Each of my books requires four envelopes, two cards, colored card stock, cardboard or chipboard for the book covers, decorative duct tape, ribbon, and a few pieces of decorative paper. I considered recycling postcards or photography from a magazine but don't want to violate copyright on previously published material. Instead I used my photographs and a few pieces of scrapbooking paper. Fortunately, I have a table in the basement where I am able to spread out materials because making books is a messy process.
One reference (I can't find it right now) suggests planning two books of any particular method because putting together books is a learning process. Amen. I made two envelope books. Hopefully the next books will have fewer mistakes. I like these little books because I can tuck different poems into them. Last year, I made a chapbook by printing poems in landscape style and then sewing the pages and cover together. Each poem in my envelope book is printed on a single sheet. Both book types have their advantages so I will make them again.

Yesterday I took care of my sweet grandsons and I can tell you there is nothing in the world like a peanut butter hug. When the little one went down for his nap, E and I got out the art supplies. The last time I took care of them, we searched the computer to answer his question: "Why is a macaroni penguin called a macaroni penguin?" This weekend, I thought it would be fun to make a macaroni penguin but E had another idea. He cut different colors of construction paper into odd shaped pieces. Then he taped and glued them all back together. While he decorated his "project" with markers and glitter glue, I made the penguin. As ever, the process was messy but oh so fun.  His art project was much more interesting than my preconceived penguin. I should have known.

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  1. love your books! very creative and looks like a fun satisfying project. How lucky you are to have grands AND get to take care of them once in a while :) I hope my future holds that!!