Saturday, April 11, 2015


Today I am watching a young blue jay hop from limb to limb in the birch. In the sunshine, the bird's coloring reflects as a vibrant blue. The grass is brilliant emerald after three days of light rain. Trees are beginning to put out small leaves in a myriad of greens. Maples sport a red fringe. When I walk this afternoon, I will check the progress of a tree leafing out in vivid chartreuse. Spring colors are a welcome change after winter's landscape.

Shades of green have also been part of my knitting for the last few weeks. I recently cast on the Leaf Press shawl, striping Madelinetosh Merino Light yarn in a sage green color with another variegated skein reminiscent of a Monet watercolor. I finished the little green Antler Cardigan. As I knitted, I pictured an active toddler wearing this sweater outdoors on a cool Spring day. Green was a good idea in late January when I bought the yarn for the Antler sweater. While I choose colors I enjoy, my choices are influenced by the seasons.

April is National Poetry Month. Poetry brings another kind of color to my reading and writing. Local and regional poets offer wonderful work. Linda Hasselstrom and Joyce Sutphen write from different parts of the Great Plains. Twyla Hansen, the Nebraska State Poet, and Marjorie Saiser are even more local to me. These poets and many more help me see the world in new and different ways.

Join me in discovering a new-to-you poet this month. Browse the poetry section of your library or bookstore. Try reading a poem out loud to feel and hear the unique rhythm and sounds in the words. Enjoy the colors and sounds of an April Day.

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  1. Beautiful cardigan, a lovely shade of green and the stitch detail just pops!! I have discovered a wee bit of poetry here and there. I love how a few condensed words can say so much.