Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thoughts From a February Morning

I recently read Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Her writing was so beautiful I read her first book, Gathering Moss. Kimmerer's essays combine science, personal narrative, and Native American ways of knowing. She writes with a gentleness that includes curiosity, wonder, and respect. I hope she continues to write.

I was inspired by Kimmerer's work to write this poem.

On This February Morning

What if we believed in both/and instead of either/or?
What if we engaged in give and take instead of win or lose?
What if we discussed rather than debated?
What if we created conversation instead of conflict?
What if we used just enough, leaving the rest to the earth?
What if we cared for the soil, trees, creatures, grasses, stones, and water
             the way they care for us?
What if?

Jane Wolfe, copyright 2016


  1. what a poet you are.....and i've just added those books to my ever growing list. just joined a newly formed book club and this looks like just the kind of book we might enjoy reading. thank you!

  2. beautiful and wise. If everyone thought like that the world would experience peace and all would be well :) Lovely poem.