Saturday, December 10, 2016


           Pray for peace on this
           All are welcome.
           Come join hands. Let
           Each one reach to another.

These December days I'm sipping hot tea and knitting the Peace Cowl. The stitches makes a pretty texture on both the right and wrong side. The pattern also has a nice rhythm, one I could easily speed up in order to finish. I decided to stay with the spirit of knitting one repeat each day and am enjoying the slower pace. I'm a few repeats behind but then it is December. I started a few days late and ripped out the first repeat and cast on to go up a needle size. Yesterday while my sister and I were chatting and knitting, I made a mistake and ripped out three rows. Peaceful knitting does gets interrupted now and then. Some evenings I read The Healthy Knitter's blog post on peace and knitting. I take comfort in knowing a peaceful, health-seeking knitter lives in Iowa, not too far away. I thank her for her pattern and her writing.

In between rounds of the Peace Cowl, I'm knitting a hat and mitten set for the children of the Pine Ridge Reservation. Bundles of Joy, a Ravelry group contains information for knitting and sending clothing.

May peace fill your heart all year long.  



  1. I love your Peace Cowl yarn choice, Jane!!!

  2. Peace to you as well. I need to start this cowl that I keep seeing on people's blogs....after the gift knitting!!

  3. I love your Peace Cowl. That color is peace itself! I started one and ripped it out -- wrong yarn, twisted cast-on. It just wasn't feeling peaceful!

  4. Lovely blog post and your cowl is beautiful. May you carry the spirit of peace with you into the new year.

  5. Lovely! I too was inspired my The Healthy Knitter's blog and pattern. Such a lovely way to send peace and comfort out to so many. Your cowl is looking beautiful.

  6. I love the color of your Peace Cowl. I started one, but it was too dark of color to show the pattern well. I might steal your idea and make one in worsted weight!