Tuesday, April 25, 2017


My making this spring is a story of process. I have a shawl, socks, and a sweater on the needles. I finished most of the knitting the Travel Sweater but it needs blocking and button bands, my least favorite part of sweater knitting. The table I use for blocking is filled with fabric and patterns for J's Christmas Quilt. I am almost ready to assemble the quilt top so I don't want to disturb the creative mess in order to set up blocking mats. Procrastination perhaps?

The yarn I used in these mitts has been sitting in a basket near my desk. The colors were so appealing, I cast on a pair of Small Flower Mitts. This is a great pattern for using up leftover bits of yarn. The touch of color work makes them interesting to knit. I knit the flowers from a tiny ball of variegated sock yarn. Since I didn't have enough to match the colors in the mitts, I'm embracing the difference. It is fun to look at all the variations of these mitts posted on Ravelry.

My writing projects are also in process but then most of writing is process. I finished this poem begun two years ago. I offer it here, at the end of National Poetry Month.

How to Enjoy the Prairie in April
April 20, 2017

Breathe into the back of your lungs.
Amble into a draw, dry from lack
of winter snow and spring rain.
Retrace your steps up the swell.
Breathe deeply.

Under the bowl of blue sky, scan
the horizon for a cottonwood
the crone of the plains. Breathe.
Sift through her branches for shades
of green and brown. Smell the fresh
grass. Embrace the wind. Breathe.

Listen to five notes from a meadowlark.
Memorize the ancient melody as it
recedes across the plains.
Study a single white-mountain lily.
Find promise in well cared for land.
Breathe again and again and again.

Copyright by Jane A. Wolfe

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  1. your poetry is beautiful! You've captured being in the moment when spring reveals herself. I do love your small flower mitts as well. WE are going to see some warm weather this week!!