Saturday, June 3, 2017

Blue: Old and New

Thursday evening I sewed the buttons on this sweater. I am always amazed to make a sweater that fits. Whew! A slight pulling in on the button band blocked out well. I didn't want to rip it out but I probably would have, given the investment of time and yarn. Even though I alternated skeins, some variation in color is noticeable. The pattern is well written for multiple sizes. The small cables at the side seams and down the middle of the back are a nice detail. I knit a slightly shorter body with fewer increases in the hip area because I wanted an everyday boyfriend sweater, not a bathrobe. The yarn is a little luxurious for everyday wear but I follow the advice of my Gram who taught me to knit."Always knit the best yarn you can afford." Besides it was on sale last Thanksgiving weekend.

I am currently mending a quilt top. I hand pieced, appliqued, and quilted this Basket Quilt from 1989-1991. When I finished, it matched the wallpaper in our previous home but my love of blue hasn't changed much over the years. We used the quilt on our bed for a number of years and then I put it away because it was showing some wear. Since I make quilts and knits to be used and enjoyed, I put it back on the bed this past winter. The top row of blocks needs mending.

After washing it for winter storage, I unearthed a box of odds and ends of old linens, pieces of fabric, and embroidery floss I save in a box labled, "blue - odds and ends."  

Since mending was going to be visible, I began by using the corner of old handkerchief to mend the first block. In a slap-happy sort of way, I'm enjoying finding something in the box for the worn spots. The handkerchief belonged to my Gram although I'm not sure why because she was a gal who favored pink almost exclusively.  

How do you mend?


  1. oh la la, that is a fantastic sweater and it looks so nice on you! I love when a sweater fits in all the right places. Well done! I have never tried to mend a quilt. I have one (very old with a big hole chewed out of the middle from my dog long ago - two dogs before Frodo). I have yet to figure out how to create a middle quilt. I think it's ruined but I won't throw it out. someone made it and my gram found it at a thrift store.

  2. Beautiful sweater. Can't wait to see it in person.
    I love the addition to the quilt, although like you I wonder about the blue. Maybe one of us gave it to her as a gift? I remember buying handkerchiefs at the dime store and wrapping them as presents.

  3. That is a PERFECT'll wear that thing everywhere---and at least three seasons. I really do love it. Guess I need to go and favor it!!!