Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Threads

Early September days pull me from the generous tomato/basil harvest of summer toward autumn. My favorite little summer bouquet of old fashioned sweet peas and black-eyed susans decorates our table. The lavender is blooming so I add a bit of fragrance to the old syrup pitcher. The sun warms my back. As I walk, I savor bright marigolds, a lush bed of impatients, and the red/purple morning glory vine cascading over a neighbor's railing. I share parsley in my herb garden with very hungry caterpillars that will become butterflies.

I finished this summer shawl. The yarn is lovely, a very slight blush color in a light fingering. After reading the Ravelry notes of others, I made the shawl slightly smaller than the pattern specified. It is still a generous size. I think it will be good for summer wear which is one of the reasons I chose the yarn and pattern.

Until I get new glasses, I am happily knitting away on Jonah's sweater. I wonder if it is too big. This afternoon I am going out to find a toddler sized sweatshirt for comparison.

I had a lovely birthday weekend. My son was home, the little guys sang Happy Birthday via FaceTime, and my dear sister knit a beautiful pair of two color mittens for me. Both children gave me flowers. My husband brought me a latte and helped me order some new knitting needles. September is also the birth month for my grandfather and first grandson. That grandson and his family will be visiting here the end of September.  As awful news spirals through the newspapers and media, I give thanks for all that I have and do my best to offer kindness and support to others. I also knit on.

Yesterday the prevailing summer breezes shifted, coming from the north. When I walked I saw two trees with small streaks of red. Looking from the top of a hill, I noted muted browns showing along the edge of some trees. September threads connect us to a new season.

What threads connect your September days?


  1. what a lovely gentle post....your transition to fall is perfect. Hope you have a wonderful family visit....something fun to look forward to! I'm guessing that is a swallowtail caterpillar? (They adore parsley!!! Their host plant!) My milkweed has been left uneaten this year....I've seen a few monarchs but they have chosen not to dine with us, and makes me a bit sad. Continue to enjoy the changes in the air. Autumn is my favorite part of the year!!!!

  2. I love your black eyed Susan cheer! Your summer shawl is just gorgeous.
    My September threads: smoke from our campfire ties us to the heavens, sunsets are earlier and easier to capture with the camera, Baseball becomes very important, caramel apples appear, and the light from sunup to sundown is getting softer.

  3. happy happy birthday to you!! Sounds like a fab celebration. Jonah's sweater is looking so lovely. I love your new shawl and it looks like the perfect size for summer.