Thursday, January 25, 2018

These January Days

Whether you place a chair near a sunny window or take the book with you into a warm bed, these January days are meant for reading. I recently finished Gathering from the Grassland: A Plains Journal by Linda M. Hasselstrom. This writer is at her best when describing the seasons, grasses, animals, and other plants in western South Dakota. The journal format sets off Hasselstrom's recollections of daily and seasonal life on her ranch. The book includes an examination of the family relationships that have shaped her life on this piece of land. She doesn't hesitate to look deeply into family journals and records, weaving family and landscape into a good story for a winter day.

I continue knitting on the gray sweater. This evening I will split the body from the sleeves on this top-down raglan. I need to think about how and where I will add the next block of color. This project reminds me of the Choose Your Own Adventure books my children read while growing up. Now and then I need a little knitting diversion from rounds of gray stockinette so I cast on a hat. I ordered a skein of the Quince and Co. Phoebe yarn when it was first available to try in a small project. Better a late try than never. The yarn spun from 100% American Merino wool has good stitch definition. It has a lovely soft hand and would make a good cabled sweater, mittens, or a hat. 

Earlier this week we had a snowstorm. We were on the edge of the storm so only a few inches of snow fell but the wind blustered most of the day. Today's sun and warmth will melt most of the snow. I will be out walking this afternoon. I hope wherever you are you have a good book at the ready. Enjoy these January days. 


  1. I finished a book (finally) and feel so accomplished. I agree that January is for knitting and reading. I think February will be more of the same for me!! Stay warm.

  2. I took care of my biggest chore today, the Costco run. The husband and dames will be happy our house is stocked for the weekend. I'm reading The Fortune Teller, a book the husband and kids got me. It feels so far like a mix of The DaVinci Code and The Art Forger.

  3. 1 - Adding the book to my queue
    2. Still practicing my long-tail cast on for the log cabin blanket and
    3. The flowers on the counter are lovely, cheerful for a winter's day.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. January + choosing your colors in knitting = cure for gray skies

  5. I love those bright red blooms on your counter! Those are enough to cheer the winter-drearies away! :-)

  6. sounds like another book i'd really like...thanks for the recommendation!