Thursday, April 12, 2018


Color slowly returns to the outdoors. Patches of our yard are quite green. Yesterday I walked past a row of lilac bushes and noticed the tips of green leaves just visible from buds. The goldfinches have molted from silvery green to bright yellow. Ever so slightly we tip toward warmer days. Much as I enjoy wearing my hand knits, walking without a cowl or scarf wrapped around my neck is freeing.

Lavender is the color of my knitting these days. The Lavender Baby Sweater is knitting up well. A different pattern and a comfortable needle size made the difference. This free pattern is a recipe. The designer doesn't specify body or sleeve lengths. Instructions for the hem read like an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern - finish with the slipped stitch pattern and garter hem as at the top of the yoke. I have knit this sweater twice before and had good results. I made notes but can't find them. Sticky notes on pages of paper patterns have a way of floating away. I plan to tuck a small paperback blank journal into my knitting corner and then use it. Today's sky is hazy from the prairie burn in Kansas so the color is washing out in this photo. 

I also blocked and wove in the ends on this third shawl of scraps. This is my shawl recipe for a boomerang shawl. When I need a peaceful garter stitch knit, I gather up leftovers from fingering weight yarn and stripe them together. I use the shape from the Nurmilintu Shawl. There are other boomerang shawl recipes on Ravelry and any would work. I usually add a few eyelet rows as much for knitting interest as for design. For this particular shawl, I knit the lace border from the Nurmilintu Shawl. The garter stitch was great while my eye healed. I should have waited for new glasses before knitting the border. I plan to rip out the border and reknit it for the third time. I thought I could live with the wonky lace but cannot. I love the symmetry of lace. It's all knitting and will only take a couple of evenings.

I hope your projects are treating you well. As soon as the smoky air blows away, I am ready to poke around in my garden and perennial flower beds. I am looking for green.


  1. What a wonderful treat of spring colors- both in your words and your knitting!

  2. I love the lavender/light green color combination you used in the shawl. So light and spring-y. Just delightful to look at (and wear!). I hope the smoke clears out quickly -- and that you can find plenty of green in your garden! :-)

  3. I keep my notes on ravelry (most of the time...) and that helps me. I love the baby sweater :) and that shawl!!! oh my goodness, I really like it.

  4. WHAT A FANTASTIC SHAWL!!!! I just love it. Great colors. Great shape!

  5. I'm with KathyB - the shawl is lovely! And garter stitch, too. As two previous commenters said: plenty of spring colors in your knitting...we have had some luscious blooms but I've not seen lilac cold, wet, miserable...guess that goes with spring too.