Thursday, June 28, 2018

Three on Thursday

Carol Knits often provides a weekly link for blog posts entitled Three on Thursday. I keep meaning to post on a Thursday so today is the day to give it a whirl. My three things are three grandsons and their three successful school years. These three as well as their classmates everywhere speak to hope and light. They are among the fortunate. Thank you to all the parents who get their children to school and to the teachers and administrators who meet them at the door. It takes a village.

1. Grandson A. completed the eighth grade in Texas. He grew MORE inches while throwing the shot, playing football, basketball, and the bassoon. He and his family hosted a foreign exchange student. A. contributed by sharing his home and his place in his parents' hearts and minds to help a young Brazilian feel comfortable.

2. Grandson M. completed four year old preschool in Connecticut. Early in the school year someone asked him what he was learning in preschool. He replied, "I am learning to be brave." And brave he was as played and learned with new friends.

3. Grandson E. completed first grade in Connecticut. He grew permanent teeth and a new shoe size. He learned to play the piano, read fluently, and write stories. He received a Dolphin Award because he demonstrated the four pillars of the school's motto: Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Gentle.

I have thought often of that motto the last few weeks. It is simple enough for kindergarteners with wisdom for all of us. Have a gentle Thursday.


  1. :They are each amazing young men!! The world future looks bright with them

  2. Beautiful post! And, I agree with that bit of wisdom!

  3. Congratulations to all three grandsons (along with their parents and grandparents) for their exemplary years! It takes a lot to achieve that much physical, emotional, and intellectual growth, and they've all done a wonderful job. I am going to be thinking about learning to be brave, kind, safe, fair, and gentle in my own behavior.

  4. Congratulations all around! What wonderful and accomplished grandsons you have. Thank you for sharing them with us today. :-)
    My new goal is to win a Dolphin Award for myself. Because be kind, be safe, be fair, and be gentle (with some bravery on the side) is exactly what I strive for. (How great is that award, huh???!)

  5. look at your grandson taller than you!! they are all handsome young men and I love that you see them and get to be with them :)

  6. What a delightful post, Jane! Thank you for sharing your three very accomplished grandsons. Each brought a smile to my face as I read their "bios." As Kym says, that Dolphin award is pretty cool. Dolly's boys aren't in school - tho' Chris will be soon, maybe even in the fall (not sure his school district's age)...I plan to share this post with her. Enjoy your weekend.