Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Local Gem

Why is it I forget to savor the beauty in my own community? I often drive by the Sunken Gardens located near a busy intersection in Lincoln. This garden was built in 1930-1931 on a former neighborhood dump site. The original goal of the rock garden design was to turn the land into a place of beauty. The workers, who were part of a program providing work for the unemployed, earned $6.40 per hour. They planted 416 trees and shrubs. In 2003, the Lincoln Parks Foundation raised 1.7 million dollars for renovations. The work was completed in 2005. Today the garden is planted and tended by volunteers under the direction of Lincoln Parks and Recreation.

A week or so ago on a sunny afternoon I made this local gem my destination. The park consists of three gardens: a perennial garden, an annual garden, and a healing (white) garden. There are also two reflecting pools filled with lilies, a waterfall, and two statues. Let me show you some of the beauty.

A pavilion marks the entrance to the garden. The dome consists of laser cut panels portraying the four seasons in Lincoln. Here is the view looking up from inside.

Colors and textures in the garden are a feast for the senses. The afternoon I visited many others also enjoyed the garden. I saw children looking at koi and butterflies, a woman helping her elderly mother to a bench in the shade, volunteers with hoes and wheelbarrows, and quite a few photographers. A few of them appeared to be university/college students on assignment. The garden holds beauty and space for all.  

Since I am linking with Kat and the Unravelers, I'll also write about knitting and reading. I am enjoying small projects on these hot summer days. I finished the Irish Hiking mittens and cast on some socks using blue yarn from my stash. Of course the yarn is blue. I am slowly chugging through my sock yarn (fingering with nylon) stash - three remaining. I do have several fingering weight skeins without any nylon content set aside for shawls or mitts. Whew.

I read The Girls of the Kingfisher Club, a retelling of the fairy tale about 12 princesses. In this version set in the 1920's, the twelve sisters sneak out of their New York City home to dance the nights away. Think flappers and the Charleston. This book is pure summer fluff that could have used more character development. Still a fairy tale was a good way to read myself to sleep at night. I continue to read Words are My Matter by LeGuin during the daylight. I read a piece or two at a time and then ponder the author's thoughts. 

One housekeeping note: my daughter helped me with settings for this blog so perhaps the commenting feature will work better. Time will tell.

I hope your Wednesday is treating you well. Have you visited any local gems this summer?


  1. The photos from the Gardens are lovely... I'd love to tour the area! In this summer's heat - it's 95 degrees +, it's hard to to think about knitting mittens...but soon.
    Enjoy and I hope the comments problem is cured.

  2. I love your local "gem"! That is a wonderful thing to "unravel" on a Wednesday! And, those mitts! Nicely done!

  3. Your local garden truly is a shining gem! It's hard to believe that it was previously a dump site, and all that beauty is maintained by volunteers. The flowers and dome are beautiful, and I really love the veining that shows up in that gorgeous backlit giant green leaf. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those gardens are lovely. We have a botanical garden that I have not visited in years. I need to check the hours and see if I can fit in a visit.

  5. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon! Those gardens are beautiful -- truly a local gem. (Thanks for sharing them with us.) (The Twelve Dancing Princesses was my favorite fairy tale when I was a little girl.) XO

  6. Gorgeous MIttens. We went to the national weather center in NOrman while on vacation in OKC. Amazing tour

  7. I always can comment :) lovely local vistas that you have. I try my best to keep what is close to me close to my heart since I am a homebody. Loved this post and I LOVE your mittens.

  8. I too forget about the wonders that are so close to home. Thank you for the reminder. Sunken Gardens is beautiful, love the history as well.
    Those mitts are gorgeous!