Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday

Unraveled is a good description for how I feel this a.m. Yesterday, I picked the last summer flowers and then went to the pharmacy for the first of two Shingles vaccines. Generally I have little trouble with vaccines other than a sore arm, a small price to pay for being less susceptible to illness. I planned to clean house and get groceries but may be taking it easy for a few hours. I was up during the night and don't feel well this morning. Oh boy, I try hard to keep medical issues to myself as there isn't much worse than an old lady complaining about aches and pains. I am just being honest here. We all prefer to be well and I am NOT suggesting that anyone avoid vaccines. Shingles and/or influenza are no laughing matter.

Maybe while sitting on the couch, I will finish volunteer work on a letter campaign to get out the vote. Through an organization called Vote Forward, I adopted twenty five registered voters and agreed to send a form letter along with a short personal message encouraging citizens to vote. The instructions state not to advocate for any candidate or party but to stress the importance of every vote. The goal is to communicate through a personal connection. Other than the occasional yard sign and visiting with local candidates who knock on my door, I have never campaigned. This effort seems important and something to counter the sometimes overwhelming feelings I have about the state of political affairs in this country. If I finish the first twenty five letters, I'll pick up another list. All it costs me is a little bit of time and postage.

I have a little unraveling to do on Norah's Christmas stocking. The stitch count of the yellow stitches is not correct. I was sailing along, managing all the yarn and bobbins. Then last night at 9:45 p.m. when my head began to ache, I noticed a mistake. I know I need to set this project aside about 9:30 p.m. but alas I wanted to get started on the horn. I have three or four rows to unpick, one stitch at a time. If I pulled these stitches off the needle I would make a mess. Since this is a slow-going project you will be seeing plenty of it here. These stockings are knit flat and upside down so that is the way I photographed it. My goal is to have it finished with all ends woven in, lining sewed and tacked in place in order to do a gentle steam blocking by the first of December. Time will tell. I am not quite half way through the knitting.

I am reading two good stories, Pachinko and A Warrior for her People, a work of nonfiction about Susan LaFleche who, in the late 1800's over came gender and racial prejudice to become a Native American woman physician. I've had the book since last December but put off reading it because I knew it was this month's selection for my book group. LaFleche's story and family are remarkable. The author, Joe Starita, was an investigative reporter for the Miami Herald before becoming a journalism professor at the University of Nebraska. He writes a compelling, well researched story. LaFleche kept detailed journals most of her life so he had a lot of primary source material. Starita donates all proceeds and honorariums from his talks and books about Native Americans to a foundation he created. The foundation provides scholarships to young Native Americans. I heard him speak last year and he told wonderful success stories. Reading Pachinko makes me realize how little I know of the history of Korea. The story of hard working women persisting through poverty and political upheaval as they create and sustain their family is engaging. I'm about half way through. 

Bright yellow leaves fall from the birch as I write. Two small nuthatches, dressed in delicate gray blue and light rust are feeding on safflower seeds and storing them in the birch bark. I don't often see this species in my yard so I am enjoying their company. Yesterday I noticed juncos in the neighborhood. They return for winter but I'd rather not think about that today. Tomorrow, one Connecticut grandson and his Dad are flying in for a long weekend on Thursday. My son-in-law is officiating at a wedding so the five year old, not yet in elementary school, is coming to spend some time with us. I told Micah we should rake a big pile of leaves and jump into them. We will also roll out crust and sauce up some pizza. This weekend is going to be fun.

Click to visit Kat and the Unravelers for stories from knitters across the country and then go enjoy this golden October day.


  1. feel better soon! My dad had the shingles vac and he had a really crummy few days afterwards (really crummy!!). He wasn't happy about it at all because he is so active and he couldn't do much.

    I had the pneumonia vac booster and not only did the shot arm hurt like heck but the other arm did too! I was miserable.

  2. Count yourself fortunate to have the shingles vaccine available, I need to get it myself and will likely not be able to until next year...I am sorry you are not feeling well though. Give yourself time to feel better and it looks like you have some wonderful reading to keep you occupied!

  3. I wish you well on your recovery from the vaccine. It doesn't sound pleasant, but still better than recovering from the actual disease itself. On a happier note, I'm glad to see Norah's stocking. I am sorry that you have to unpick, but after that it should be back to knitting as usual, slow and steady. Have fun in your leaf pile this weekend!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I had a really bad reaction to the flu shot two years ago, but last year GOT the flu. I know I really need to get the shot, but I'm not looking forward to it.

  5. Sorry you are not feeling well. Having had shingles (as a teenager), I can say to all: definitely get the vaccine. It's a miserable disease and worse the older you are! "A Warrior of the People" looks very interesting - thanks for the recommendation!

  6. UGH. I had the first of the two shingles vaccination in September. It knocked me on my butt for two days! (And my doctor gave me no warning that this might happen.) I am not looking forward to iinjection #2 in a couple of weeks -- but this time I'm going to be prepared. (I'm clearning my schedule for the two days immediately after.) I'm also going to take Benadryl for a couple of days ahead of time, as I've heard that sometimes helps. I just keep telling myself . . . it's better than getting shingles . . . Hang in there. I hope you're feeling more like yourself by the time you read this comment. XO

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