Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Although the calendar hasn't turned to December, the weather is wintry. Right on cue, snow arrived the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Rain fell, the temperature dropped, and wind blew in blizzard conditions. It was a good day for a cup of tea and a healthy helping of knitting projects. Over the weekend I blocked Norah's Christmas stocking. Sunday I wove in ends. Monday evening I seamed it closed. This week I will line it, crochet a short chain for the hanger, and attach the all important jingle bell at the toe. Technically it isn't quite finished, but soon. Then off it goes with a wing, a prayer, and a tracking number to Connecticut. I don't like trusting it to the mail but I don't have much choice. In the last two and a half years, we haven't had any packages go astray so I'm hoping our record holds. Fingers crossed.

Norah's is the ninth stocking I have knitted from this old 1950's pattern that came from my aunt. She knit stockings for my three siblings and I, as well as her five children, their spouses, and perhaps her grandchildren. I told my daughter that baby names can be no longer than seven letters so they fit on the stockings. Ha. When I began knitting them for my grandchildren, I bought extra red and green yarn that is mostly gone. Extra yarn never hurts and often helps. My intarsia is flawed but the stitches are knit with love and that is what counts, especially at Christmas.

Every time I think I am more of a process knitter, I finish projects with immense satisfaction. So perhaps I am both. At any rate, Norah's hat and mittens are finished as is this shawl I knit for my sweet sister's birthday gift. I modified the pattern a bit to get a shawl of good size and use up most of the skein.  Last winter we visited a local yarn shop and each bought a skein of yarn. This is the yarn I purchased. It is absolutely lovely and it is blue. We both like blue yarn. She is a beautiful knitter and a wonderful sister to me. This shawl was a joy to make for her. The stocking and the shawl have been my knitting since September.

Now I am onto more relaxed knitting in December. I may knit one more hat for a gift this week or I may not. I have been enjoying the afterglow of a lovely Thanksgiving. This morning Jonah asked me to read the reindeer book. Since he is not yet in preschool, I read to him quite often via Face Time. What a life saver for long distance grandparenting. This afternoon I am going to get out the Christmas books so Rudolph is ready for tomorrow's chat. Next week will be time enough for my minimalist approach to decorating. 

As I join Kat and the Unravelers this week, I am in between books. I read a few essays from the collection, Aging: An Apprentice. The essays were written and arranged by writer's decade of life, that is the 40's (is that aged?), 50's, 60's, etc. Some well known authors: Jane Hamilton, Judy Blume, Gloria Steinhem, Donald Hall, Doris Grumbach had pieces in the book. Some were worth reading, many were not. I skipped quite a few. An essay called "Ripening" that likened aging to being ripened like a seed appealed to me. I prefer a positive focus.

Enjoy the rest of the week. What are you reading and making?


  1. That stocking is just so cute! And, the beautiful story behind it is even more special! What a lovely tradition to keep alive in your family!

    We had a dash of winter blow in to Pittsburgh too, but snow does not stick around long here - at least not when it comes this early. We are supposed to be back in the 50's this weekend. And, as for me - I prefer it to stay a consistent temperature - whatever that temperature might be. This jumping all around is no fun!

  2. Norah's stocking is just wonderful, as are her hat and mittens and your sister's shawl. I'm sending good wishes that her stocking arrives safely. I always send things to my son in CO with trepidation, especially handknit gifts. The USPS sells insurance, but some things are just irreplaceable, like a very special Christmas stocking knit with lots of love.

  3. I love your family stocking tradition! What extra special magic they bring for your grandchildren. :-) The shawl is beautiful -- and that color! So fabulous. And the tiny hat and mitts are so very sweet. I'm finishing up a bit of Christmas knitting myself. (I'm happy to have planned ahead this year.) Enjoy your day! XO

  4. Oh your stocking finish for Norah is so beautiful. The family tradition is wonderful. it warms my heart to read this post!

  5. Norah is lucky and so is your sister! I love the stocking and the shawl. The hat and mitts are a quick lovely knit for you. Seems like you might have smoky needles from all the projects you've finished!

  6. Your knitting is beautiful. What a treasure Norah's stocking is (love the idea of a Bell at the toe!). Such a wonderful tradition with that pattern.

    Beautiful shawl for your sister - gorgeous color.

    I just finished tonight the fingerless mitts for my brother. Reading The Alice Network.

  7. Oh wow so many beautiful pieces.. the shawl is stunning!