Thursday, May 23, 2019

Looking Ahead

Recent May days have been unseasonably cool and wet. I'd rather walk in the sunshine but head out in between rains. While I walk, I've been pondering Pipher's book, Women Rowing North. In my opinion, Pipher is an extrovert and writes from that point of view but that is a soapbox for another day. Regardless there is much wisdom in this book. I read the chapter, "Creating a Good Day" twice. Pipher describes a woman who cares for a husband with a degenerative disease. This gal got up in the morning and asked herself, "What will make us happy today?" I think it is a good question for any day.

When it rained again on Tuesday, I asked myself that question. I knew I should polish the set of silverware that my parents left to me. Frankly, the task is tedious and not much fun but I wasn't walking in pouring rain. I put on some music and realized taking care of this gift made me happy. While I worked, I thought of the holiday meals when my sibs and families gathered at their table. I thought of the many times my grandparents were present and the stories we told. Afterwards I sat down and completed my summer reading/listening list. When I taught, I'd make a summer reading list in May and order a few of the books -used from Powell's. I rarely read everything on the list and often picked up some other title that caught my attention. At summer's end, I made a list called, "What I really read," compare the two and smile. Even though I am retired, I enjoy making the lists.

My bum shoulder slowed my Spring knitting so I am thankful it feels better. If I attend to body mechanics and take breaks, I can knit on most any of my projects. Would someone please kick me in the pants when I forget to do this? This past week I needed to finish something - anything. I unearthed this half finished swatch cowl and knit to the end of the skein. I created the project to determine "in the round" gauge with this yarn. I had a sweater pattern in mind for the yarn but it's been so long ago, I can't remember what it was. Now I have Ravelery notes about the gauge and needle size. Remember these socks? I finished them last weekend.

Currently I'm making good progress on Norah's Flax. When that sweater is finished, I'll need some new summer projects. I pulled this book Luxury One Skein Wonders off my shelf. I look at it frequently but never seem to get around to knitting any of the patterns. There are several small projects that would work well with yarn in my stash. If I get distracted by something else that would be ok too. I really like to let my knitting happen. I am fortunate to have time and choices.

Although a day late, I'll link with Kat and the Unravelers. I can't believe we are heading into Memorial Day weekend. My son and grandson from Texas will be visiting. We are looking forward to seeing them and getting a real hug - you know that Mom and Dad thing. Sweet May is flying by. I hope you are looking forward to the long weekend.


  1. Lovely knitting, and so glad you are able to knit more comfortably again! I love to polish silver . . . once I get going. I always put it off, but I really do find it soothing. And it always does bring the memories -- because all of my silver belonged to others in my family, and all those memories are deep in the soul. XO (And . . . having read Women Rowing North recently, I know just what you mean.)

  2. I have my grandmother's silverware, and have been having an internal debate with myself about whether I should keep it or not. I never use it, so I never polish it, neither of my boys is interested in it, but I just can't bring myself to sell it ... yet. I have Women Rowing North on hold, but now I'm even more anxious to read it. I am definitely not an extrovert, but I'm sure there is some wisdom for me contained within. Love your book planning and both lists!

  3. I agree with you - starting the day with the question what will make us/me happy today is a very good start!

    I am likewise glad that your shoulder is feeling better!

    And, polishing the silver is a good task for a rainy day. I have memories of polishing silver with my nana. She did not have many pieces, but the ones she had were well cared for. It was such fun to help get things ready for holiday meals!

  4. Oh your socks are super amazing! Love the color.
    I learned to polish silver with my Irish gramma, Nana, She made it fun .

  5. Those socks are gorgeous. I can't believe I still haven't knit socks in that pattern. I think I'm the last knitter on Earth who hasn't.
    I was so interested in what you said about the Pipher book and the woman whose husband has dementia. My mother never came to terms with my dad's dementia and she was miserable for 10 years -- and that didn't do much for the rest of us, either. I've thought a lot about how I'd want to handle it. It is a terrible situation, but every day is a gift, right?

  6. I'm so glad that your shoulder is on the mend. Love your socks immensely!! I don't mind polishing silver, I rarely have to do it. My mother in law gave me all of hers and I spent the day cleaning them right up!