Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July Journal of Wonder

I wonder where I can plant a bed of coneflowers in my yard. Why would I want to do this when I am tired of weeding? White coneflowers bloomed here earlier this month.

I wonder why I begin journal entries with sentences about weather and the seasons. Does the predictable variety comfort me or just ground me in the here and now?

How do Japanese beetles chewing up the leaves of a mature linden tree fit into the natural order?! What good are they? What predator feeds on them?

I cast on a shawl with leftover yarn from other projects. Why does this make me so happy?

I wonder if the cool mornings bring a touch of Fall or is my imagination working overtime?

I wonder what Native Americans think about the current immigration discussion.

I wonder about connections between ideas in my writing. Do they exist all along or do I write my way toward them?

I wonder why I enjoy knowing the names of things - painted lady, black swallowtail, black admiral, monarch, coneflower.

I wonder who first coined the word - butterfly. Why not flutterby? The one below is a painted lady. This morning while walking I saw a black swallowtail.

According to my dictionary on word origins, the word butterfly comes (in part) from the Greek word, bouyuron for butter which came from combining bous for cow with turos for cheese. The "old English word for butterfly, buterflege was probably so named because a common species is yellow, the yellow flier." (Origins by Eric Partridge, 1966, an old but useful reference.)

I wonder how grandchildren grow up so quickly. In one year, this fifteen year surpassed both of us in inches. Honestly, he surpassed me two years ago. We are proud of him. The awesome teens in today's world make me hopeful. We were happy to see him and his Mom last week.

As I try to wonder more than worry, I am joining Juliann of Chasing Stories and her group of bloggers writing monthly reflections about their 2019 word.  The wonder is I remembered to do this.

On these last few days in July, I wish you more wonder than worry.


  1. Very interesting wonderings, and I thank you for sharing! I, too, am wondering where to put a bed of coneflowers if I do get some seeds from the white ones I saw last week. If you find out predators of Japanese beetles, let me know! I might be tempted to let some of them loose in my yard in NJ. The beetles have chewed every single leaf on our plum tree into lace. Children, grandchildren, and the passage of time are all wonders, and I can see why you are proud!

  2. I love your wonderings! (And, I start my journaling with the weather too - and I have no idea why!)

    Your grandson is indeed tall (and a very handsome young man!) I am glad you got to spend some time with him!

  3. I "wonder" how I missed your word of the year hmmm... Enjoyed your wonderings. Your grandson is quite the handsome young man! I suspect that the native Americans - those who are still among us - must be intrigued, to say the least.
    I too begin my daily journal entries with a time, date and temp 'stamp.' I wonder if a throwback from elementary school writing assignment days...

  4. I love how you write (and you should do it frequently). I cannot believe how tall he is!! The kids grow fast and strong, time flies and I stay in a perpetual state of youth in my mind, however my body betrays me, ha ha. I love your coneflowers and for some reason mine did not make it...

  5. I've enjoyed your wonderings as well. I don't journal, but my Dad did and he always started with weather info. Interesting that so many do. Add me to the list of those who want to know what predators the Japanese Beetles have. Thanks, foo, for the wish of more wonder than worry - we can all use that.

  6. You have the most interesting "wonder"-ings! Thanks so much for sharing them.

    My garden used to be under constant attack from Japanese beetles. Then . . . the horticulture folks at Michigan State University found a (potential) predator for them. They did a few "test releases" of their predator at various locations around the state a couple of years ago, including one at a golf course within a mile of my house. I have only seen THREE Japanese beetles in the years since the test release! I hope their research concludes soon, so these predator insects can even the playing field everywhere when it comes to Japanese beetles in the garden.

  7. Oh thank you !! I awake worrying and pray. I need to wonder! Thank you!!! Your family is good looking! I don't like those silvery goldish Beetles either. I hate them I read you can spray them with soapy water. So I m going to! I don't want holy leaves

  8. Enjoyed your post! Isn't amazing how quickly the grand kids grow up? Our oldest grandson is already taller than I am, and his voice has changed. I wonder how tall this 14 year old will be?