Tuesday, September 24, 2019

September Journal of Wonder

A house finch sits on the long arm of the bird feeder. A small birch branch swings in the breeze, repeatedly brushing the back of the bird's body. He doesn't show any visible reaction. It looks as if the branch is playing or teasing the bird. I wonder what the sensation conveys to the bird. 

Why does the contrast of light and dark draw in the human eye? 

I wonder if spiders really spin more webs this time of year or does the changing light make the webs more visible. I wonder if the ground spiders catch many insects in the small webs that appear in lawns.

What word will I choose for next year?  I am enjoying wonder and reminding myself to wonder.

I wonder how many small blank notebooks I need. A soft cover book with the face of a fawn caught my eye in a coffee shop. The fawn reminded me of a llama which reminded me of yarn so I bought it to tuck into my knitting bag. A wondering mind does wander.

I wonder if this sweater will fit. I hope the worsted weight/aran yarn doesn't make a sweater that is too heavy to be comfortable.

If animals and birds migrate over such diverse geographical areas with no regard for political boundaries, why is the movement of human beings often restricted?

Rhythm is essential to poetry. What kinds of rhythm support good prose?

What purpose do oak-mites serve?!

I see a few yellow leaves in the birch branches nearest the window in front of my desk. I wonder when they appeared.

I wonder why I don't set aside one entire afternoon for making. Surely I could skip chores and errands one day a week. Would two be possible? 

9-19-19. Is there any significance in this line-up of numerals?

I wonder if the local autumn will be colorful or if the leaves will turn brown and drop from exhaustion and heat.

I wonder what I will prepare for dinner?

I wonder how this pink-spotted hawkmoth came to be in my backyard. I wonder what other creatures might have stopped here in their travels.

I wonder how we arrived at the end of September and how this little guy is old enough for his first day of preschool.

 Joining Juliann and Chasing Stories for reflection on one word. What has you wondering today?


  1. You pose many interesting questions here! I don't have any hard data on the spiders, but I think that more of them come indoors and spin more webs there (or maybe it's just my lack of good housekeeping). I've never seen a pink-spotted hawkmoth, but I do wonder about it and its coloration. And that adorable preschooler is surely a wonder!

  2. So many wonders to wonder about! Thanks (as always) for a thoughtful, interesting post -- and look into your "wonderings." (As for that little preschooler . . . he is so very adorable!) XO

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww...cute kiddo! They DO grow up fast!

  4. I hope the sweater fits and I love the color immensely (it matches my shawl that I just completed). Your wonderings make me grateful and joyful :)

  5. Your wonderings are my favorite things ever! I too am pondering my word for next year... focus has been so incredible this year.

  6. Good, thought-provoking wonderings! I've never heard of a pink spotted hawkmoth, but it sure is gorgeous!

  7. OH that was FUN!!!! I loved that moth image. Nice capture!
    Wondering how I can crochet for at least an hour today when it is already 9 pm .
    Wondering how much news one person can watch (ahem my husband) in one day!