Wednesday, November 20, 2019

November Skies

Now it is November and the sky changes from day to day. Yesterday's sunset was glorious. This morning chickadees play in the birch. A few days ago, I might have seen a carolina wren. I used the Cornell website to identify the bird. Although a marsh or house wren is more likely in southeast Nebraska, the coloring didn't match. Besides I don't live near wetlands or a marsh unless you count the city pond surrounded by grass a few blocks away. The juncos are back for winter and as I walk bird nests are visible in the trees.

Hooray! The hat and mitten sets are on the way to Connecticut. Sunday I knit the neckband on this sweater. Pardon the unglamorous "at home, no make-up, in old jeans" photo. The designer provides instructions for a scooped or cowled neckline. I wanted neither, preferring a less scooped neckline. Using three sets of Ravelry notes, I crafted a neckline that lays flat and makes me happy. (Method is specified on the project page for this sweater.) I so appreciate Ravelry.

Now I am fiddling around with the needle size for the sleeves. Different needles, wood as opposed to metal and double points instead of circular, change my gauge. The size 7 DPNs made a somewhat tighter gauge then the body and the 8's make a slightly looser gauge. Last night it seemed like the tighter gauge was more noticeable than the looser one. So which sleeve gauge would you choose - slightly looser or a little tighter? If I magic looped the sleeves I could use the same needle I used on the body but magic looping drives me crazy. I forget to pull the cable and end up having to reset the stitches most of the time.

If you are looking for a seasonal/gratitude themed picture book for a child, I recommend The Greatest Table. The artwork is beautiful and inclusive of people around the world. The metaphor in the poem/text is about the connections between human beings around a table as well as the notion that there is enough for all. The poem begins: "The greatest table isn't set/ inside a single home-/ oh no, it spans the continents,/and no one eats alone." The book is a thoughtful way to walk into Thanksgiving week. Cranberry Thanksgiving is an old favorite and In November is also lovely and warm.

Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary. We were married on a cold clear November day - the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We had a Sunday wedding to avoid the University of Nebraska/University of Oklahoma football game the previous day. I wasn't coming down the aisle to "There is no place like Nebraska." The date made the father of the bride, the best man, and the groom happy. Only in Nebraska. We are grateful for all the years - through thick and thin - together. I am grateful for a loving supportive, steady spouse. Being who we are, we are going out for a nice quiet dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

I link with Kat and the Unravelers on this Wednesday post. Enjoy the November skies.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Your sweater looks great. I'm in awe of folks who can re-write a pattern to suit themselves. Beyond me! Fletch put up our suet feeder, peanut feeder and the sunflower seed feeder (the thistle one stays up year round). It's been fun to see the birds *re-discover* the feeders. Juncos (my Grandmother called them snow birds) have returned to our yard as well. That is a glorious sunset photo - just so vibrant! I may have to look for "The Greatest Table" to hold on to until a grandchild arrives!

  2. Happy Anniversary, and may you enjoy many more happy, healthy years together. It's just my opinion, but I'd opt for the slightly looser gauge. That's only because I really hate tight clothing. The sweater is really a beautiful color. I will have to look for The Greatest Table. I'm a bit out of touch with children's books, but this one sounds so lovely that I have to read it myself.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Ironically, I spoke to a "new to Pittsburgh" couple at the library last night who likewise got married on Friday to avoid a Saturday Michigan football game! Oh how some things mark our lives! (On my wedding day, during the reception I joined a large group watching an NBA play off game!) I saw a wren yesterday as well - their fierceness is something I love!

  4. What lovely yarn for the sweater!

    Happy Anniversary. :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Wedding dates around here are definitely set around college football schedules ... we chose our November date because it was the weekend before Thanksgiving and it gave us some extra honeymoon time :-) Wishing you many more years of together happiness!!

    and for the sweater - it appears your arms are on the thinner side - I think I'd opt for the slightly tighter gauge. good luck!

  6. Happy Happy Anniversary. Time just flies. We are blessed. I LOVE your sweater collar. Way to create it as you like it!

  7. Instead of magic loop how about two circs? I've done that way with a seamless matching of gauge. You look adorable and sweet!! Happy anniversary!!! I love November because it's my birthday month and the nearing of winter :)