Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Wednesday Notes

As I put away the Christmas decor, I decided I wasn't quite done with twinkle lights. I took down the big Charlie Brown tree and boxed it up for the trash. It had a good run but had come to its end. Then I put up our small artificial tree and decorated it with snowmen ornaments and German Stars. Why not? Sometimes January needs a few twinkle lights and maybe some mittens. They are welcome on today's gray day. 

Once I sent off the hats and mittens for the grands, I had time to finish two projects. The big finish is this poncho. I am really pleased with it. 
The cable on the side made the knitting interesting and the seed stitch border prevents the edges from rolling. 

I began the poncho in September and worked on it through December. This was my attempt to knit Biden and Harris into the White House while maintaining my own sanity. I was going to put off the final stitches until January 20 but so enjoyed the knitting that I finished knitting on December 24 and then blocked it. Some ravelers report pilling with this yarn but the drape is exactly right for a poncho. I have a gleaner if I need it. I also finished my last pair of socks for 2020. 

I admire scrap blankets but haven't knit one for a long time. I never expected to knit one from fingering weight yarns. Never say never. I pulled out scraps for a Habitation Throw for a Winter Solstice cast on. Every time I use a different color, the look of the throw changes. I have no rhyme or reason for changing colors but just play with the yarn. I often knit until I come to the end of some small ball of yarn. Good thing I don't mind weaving in ends. 

I also cast on a sweater. It is so dark today it is difficult to get a good photo. I'm trying to decide if I am knitting the right size. I like a slightly over-sized sweater but I don't want it falling off my shoulders. Years ago I knit a seamed sweater from the same yarn and still wear it. This pattern is a top down pullover so I wonder if the alpaca content will mean the sweater will grow a bit. Time will tell. Sweaters are a bit of a gamble. 

I finished Cher Ami and Major Whittlesey and enjoyed it. I wondered if the voice of a pigeon would read like a gimmick but it did not. This novel is a good addition to World War One stories. I appreciated the viewpoint of the infantry and the men in the trenches. This is yet another book about the insanity of war. 

Here we go into this New Year, one day at a time. Stay well and safe. 

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P. S. The spacing between words is a bit off but I can't seem to change the format. I am not seeing Kat's usual Unraveled Wednesday post. If she posts later I will link. As always, it is her choice whether to post and sometime life needs to be tended. 


  1. Oh gosh! Your poncho is gorgeous Jane. I love it - the pattern and the color. I also love that Isabel Kramer sweater and the color of your yarn is just perfect. Twinkle lights are good any time of year! I just ordered a little fairy light tree that I hope to put on our buffet. The only way I could access Kat's post was through the email I received from her notifying me that she had posted. When I just pull up her blog, the post is not there. Weird!

  2. I'm glad to hear that you put up the January tree! I also applaud your efforts to knit Biden and Harris into the White House. It is a really beautiful color and looks nice and warm. (I'm knitting successful electoral college vote counting and peaceful inauguration thoughts into my current knitting.) I'm admiring your scrap blanket!
    P.S. If you go to and search "unraveled wednesday" in the upper right, today's post will show up. If you click on the title (Unraveled Wednesday 1.6.21) you can add your link and comment as usual. I don't understand it, but it works.

  3. I have a collection of snow guys that I used to put up in January but with the littles around, I think I will skip this year and not add to the temptation for those curious hands. Love you poncho

  4. That poncho is absolutely beautiful! Great color, too. I noticed your Patricia Polacco book and it reminded me of how much I love her writing; I haven't read your book though. What pattern did you use for those adorable little mittens? Boy, today certainly was a day for knitting to keep one's calm with all that was going on in D.C.! There were protests at our govenor's residence even. Scary!

  5. Your poncho turned out so lovely and is such a beautiful color on you! I also like the start of your new sweater. I had a look at the pattern and it looks like one of those super wearable sweatshirt-like sweaters.

  6. Wow! I love that poncho! The color is perfect (and your knitting is too!!) A couple of years ago, I left some little twinkle lights up... I like their light in January. It is a gentle welcome in the morning! (and sorry about my post, apparently I did not click the "correct category" oops!)

  7. What a lovely poncho, Jane. It will be so nice to throw on as an extra layer in any season! I was supposed to be "putting away Christmas" yesterday, but then I was distracted by the news and lost my mojo. Today. I'll do it today. But, like you, I'll leave my twinkle lights and candles out to light my way through these dark and dreary winter days. XO

  8. That is a great poncho! The cables make it quite elegant.
    Your Habitation Throw has a lot of the same colors as mine. I'm making mine larger than the pattern calls for, which seems a bit small to me.

  9. The poncho is beautiful and looks beautiful on you. Congrats.

  10. Jane everything you knit is just lovely. The Poncho looks perfect. The socks are so fun. I love seeing it all!

  11. you have been quite busy with the knitting! I love that photo of you, so pretty!