Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Knitting into Eagle Pose

Today the Nebraska sky is bright blue. Yesterday winter treated us to magical hoarfrost that lasted until early afternoon. Frost dusted my shoulders as I walked. This morning the cardinals flash against the bright sky. A blue jay suns himself at the tiptop of a tall locust tree while a little downy woodpecker inches her way up the birch. I will be taking a long walk today because tomorrow winter means business. Snow will be followed by bitter cold. 

A few days ago, I was knitting along on the scrappy theoretical socks (appropriately named by Bonny in last week's comments) while I previewed a yoga video. I am participating in Yoga with Adriene's 30 day Breath journey. Since I have been away from in-person classes for several years and have a history of shoulder and back injury, I modify some of the work. Occasionally, based on information in the email with the download, I preview parts of a session. 

At any rate, I thought I could finish a few rows of a heel flap, turn a heel, and pick up gusset stitches while previewing a session. Mind you, I have knit this variation of the Vanilla Latte sock umpteen times. I have knit it in an airport, on a plane, in a medical waiting room, in a coffee shop, while chatting with other women in person, and attending church on Zoom. About halfway through the heel flap, I dropped a stitch. While turning the heel, I dropped a second stitch. I noticed neither of them while fast forwarding and restarting the video. The heel looked to be centered on the needles so instead of counting the stitches or inspecting my work, I kept knitting. I picked up one side of the gusset, knit the instep, and then picked up stitches for the second gusset. Just when I had all the stitches on the needles and was rearranging them to knit the gusset decreases, I noticed a missing column of stitches. 

I shifted stitches around (on circs) in order to ladder the heel turn stitch back up into place. At that point I somehow twisted a row of stitches between needles and wrapped the cables around each other. Don't ask me how it happened because I couldn't tell you. I should have taken another photo but I thought if I put down the sock to find my phone, it might spring into a worse mess. In hindsight, that isn't likely but I wasn't taking any chances. Then I noticed the missing heel flap stitch and burst out laughing. My husband walked by and asked what was so funny. When I told him, my knitting was in eagle pose, he shook his head. I think this was a moment only a knitter could appreciate. At that point, I turned off the video, pulled the sock off both needles and frogged back to the errant row of the heel flap. I sorted out stitches and needles and reknit the heel. The theoretical sock is safely back on the needles with a proper heel. I am fairly certain I have enough yarn for a pair of socks. If the sock engages in down dog pose, I might be in for a game of yarn chicken. 

I am chugging down the body of my Winter Forager. It goes much better with yoga and is warm knitting on a winter evening. I like the color of the yarn but the deep purple doesn't photograph accurately. 

I listened to Helen MacDonald read Vesper Flights, a collection of essays about the natural world. The author read her own work and I enjoyed hearing her voice. The essays are intriguing. Some of her metaphors and reflections are different than mine but I like being nudged toward a different perspective. 

Currently I am listening to The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennet. The narrator is excellent and the story is well told. Sometimes during the day, I think about the characters which for me is a mark of good fiction. The novel is a thought provoking comment on racism and the choices forced and influenced by racial injustice. 

As I link with Kat and the Unravelers, I wish you all warmth and wellness. May your knitting needles and stitches avoid yoga poses. 

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  1. The Haar or hoar is so beautiful when we see it here In Wisconsin. I had not ever seen it prior to this year. Your poor was acting all full moon like. The one is looking just great right now

  2. Nice work sorting out that heel - I would have been desperately lost! I've added Vesper Flights to my holds list - thanks for the beautiful recommendation!

  3. I have tried a bit of yoga, but I don't think my knitting has ever done any poses. Your theoretical sock is fairly talented, as are you for sorting out the stitches. I enjoyed H is for Hawk and have wondered about Vesper Flights. I think I need to add it to my list.

  4. Argh ..... dropped stitches can GIVE you a pain in the neck. Glad you were able to get back on track.

  5. Oh dear! That sock certainly gave you a heck of a time! I hope it behaves itself now.

  6. I am chuckling at your errant sock! Sherman suggests that he would be the only Down Dog in the mix! lol

    I have Vesper on my list, but you make me want to find the audio version! Thank you!

  7. Our book club just chose the vanishing half for its next read....i've heard great reviews on it. And that eagle pose!!! How funny!!!

  8. I am sorry that your story of sock woe made me laugh out loud. and this line "If the sock engages in down dog pose, I might be in for a game of yarn chicken" almost made me spit out my tea.

    Sending all the good juju for a smooth heel process, a healing down dog, and some time to finish Vanishing Half.

  9. Let's not have any down dogs!! Sounds/Looks like you and I had similar weeks. When trying on a sock on my DPNs I managed to drop stitches off a couple of everything sorted and back on track and then dropped some more! Mine worked out and started behaving and I certainly hope your sock is behaving as well. Vesper Flights sounds/looks interesting - thanks for the suggestion.

  10. That socky situation is truly one only knitters can appreciate. Glad you got it all sorted and are back on track!

  11. dropped stitch!!! ugh. Glad you found it :) I love the sock and the sweater, that pop of purple sure is cheerful!

  12. Loved your story of sock yoga! :-) So glad you got it all sorted.
    I really enjoyed The Vanishing Half; glad you're liking it, too. :-)