Monday, August 9, 2021

Seasoning These Days

August has never been my favorite month. Heat and humidity hang heavy in the air. I feel better when temperatures are cooler. When I was teaching, the beginning of a new school year while full of promise and a fresh start also meant the end of summer's more relaxed days. The first few weeks brought large group meetings under florescent lights and long hours in order to get off to a good start. Even though I am retired, August days bring a certain restlessness. This year Covid anxiety returns to hum in the background. When the media writes about the unvaccinated, they almost forget about the youngsters. I hope the vaccine is approved for children 12 and under soon. 

All of this and my 2021 word, season, prompts me to season these days instead of wishing them away. Here's my list of summer seasonings.

  • Gather sweet-peas, black-eyed susans into my favorite August bouquet
  • Slow simmer tomatoes into sauce
  • Spin slow yarn
  • Wander past the bright zinnas
  • Walk the flower route on my walk
  • Steep ginger tea in ice and boiling water. 
  • Catch the beads of condensation running down the glass of ginger tea
  • Refresh with the clink of ice in a glass 
  • Breathe in the warm humid air with scent of tomato, grass, and dirt
  • Watch dappled sunlight play in the birch
  • Marvel at the tree root shaped like bones of a hand.
  • Harvest the buzz of insects, the bonk of a fly against the window
  • Listen for the evening throb of cicadas and chirp of crickets
  • Savor the sunset as dusk falls across the neighborhood.

How are you seasoning these August Days?


  1. My seasoning seems to be mainly salt, stinging my eyes when sweat drips into them. I'm also not a big fan of August, and I spend too much time wishing for the cooler breezes of fall. But you've reminded me of something my grandmother often said, "don't wish your life away." Ahh, that clink of ice against a chilly aluminum tumbler!

  2. I'm trying to season my days savoring the sunrises and sunsets ... slowly getting closer together.

  3. Oh what an interesting tree root! And your bouquet is just lovely. I am *trying* to go slowly and enjoy each day...but work has been and continues to be amazingly hectic and busy. Still, a glass of wine on the patio before dinner is lovely.

  4. What a cute way to post this August. I'm seasoning: with a winter scarf finish. I'm watching the hummingbirds drink at the feeders just outside the porch screen . I'm running. I took it up a week ago. I'm savoring Cub games even though they traded our favorites away. I am continuing to garden and work with my p1antings . I am outside outside outside as I know the winter is going to come. I'm pressing f1owers.

  5. With black-eyed Susans, echinacea, and a teeny-tiny hydrangea bloom to prove my plant survived it's big move in the yard. I savor every trip over the ridge where today the fog of a storm layered so that the mountains looked like clouds. I'm savoring my walnut tree already changing color a bit letting me know that fall isn't far off.

  6. This is the perfect slow down post for these August days! I am doing some slow stitching, knitting, and I am about to begin the great paper pattern layout for a pair of linen pants!

  7. This August is starting to feel like the Augusts of my youth, when I'd be trying to enjoy the last days of summer but also dreading the start of school and a regular schedule again. I will have to start going back in to the office a couple of days a week starting later this month (unless the local COVID numbers get really bad and they change their minds), and of course my daughter is going to be headed back to school soon. I'm trying to focus on the present rather than worrying about the future, though, and enjoying the sunshine, the things growing, the summer birds, etc.

  8. I am not a fan of August as well. I try to start my mornings early with journal refections and prayer. I also meditate each morning as well.

  9. August always feels like such a transition time. It's still very much summer . . . but there are signs that it won't last all that much longer. I'm seasoning my days with time in the garden, evenings on the patio, and fresh herbs from my garden.