Tuesday, July 4, 2017


This morning when I stepped out to water the flower pots on the porch, I was greeted by one perfect blossom on a geranium plant. This past Friday we hosted an early 4th of July picnic. I hoped this geranium would welcome our good friends with three or four blooms but it did not. The first blossom had only just appeared but the orange and white impatiens were lush and beautiful. Orange and white is a new color combination for me but I am enjoying it. Who says an old gardener can't learn something new? This ordinary variety is among the genus of 850 - 1000 species. Historically many varieties have been used as a herbal remedy. Currently they are used to study evolution and ecology. Who knew? If you are interested in more information see this link to Wikipedia.

As summer turns up the heat and humidity, I am knitting small projects. The eternal cuff of the second sock increases at the pace of a summer snail but then I would have to knit on it to make progress. Funny how that works. I have completed two pairs of mitts with some very nice details. The twisted rib stitches in the Spring River Mitts make nice crisp edges. Last year, my sister knit a pair of these for me. The color work makes the fabric of the hand double and quite warm. I followed my sister's lead by choosing Koigu yarn - one solid and one variegated skein. Look at the stalk of lavender in the photo. I love how the plant grows two small blossoms toward the bottom of the stalk - a beautiful after thought.

I also knit a pair of Alfresco Mitts. This free pattern is full of designer details that make it a joy to knit. The cables, flowing out of shifted rib stitches, twist opposite directions on the right and left hand. Three purl stitches on either side of the cable keep it from disappearing into the ribbed body of the mitt.

The thumb gusset is thoughtfully constructed. The two stitch rib running up the thumb resumes in the body of the hand. I plan to make two additional pairs to give as gifts.

May the details in your life bring you joy. Happy July!


  1. The koigu mitts are amazing. I may have to look at the spring River pattern now especially if they are really warm. The Barn is said to be very cold in winter and fingerless are just the ticket. Beautiful thumb gusset and I love the geranium history!!!

  2. I love your Alfresco Mitts; they're snazzy.

  3. your mitts are beautiful! I live in AC so I knit with wool all year round :) I don't mind the warmth since I keep the house cool. Your flowers look so pretty and cheerful!

  4. that orange and white is definitely working well....with the salmon/pink geraniums. hmmmmmm......maybe a colour combination for one of those additional mitts?!? I like the details on that cabled pair....off to stick them in my favorite list before I forget! (and thanks again for recommending Aldo Leopold to me....where I have been that I've missed him my whole life? What beautiful writing!!! I'm putting his 'Almanac' as our first read in my garden club's conservation book club!!!!)