Saturday, July 29, 2017

Life as a Monet Painting

Summer continues with its glorious colors. The bright cone flowers and black-eyed-susans shout joy amid vibrant green leaves. This season a cataract is growing in the lens of my left eye. I debated about whether to write about it but decided to be honest. Cataracts are one of the unavoidable processes of aging. The vision in my right eye is good but constantly adjusting to the increasing cloudiness of the left. The good news is surgical removable is low risk with excellent results. Last week I saw an ophthalmologist and scheduled the procedure to be done in three weeks. Hooray! I'd have it done tomorrow if I could but at least I am in the queue. I have a new appreciation for clear vision and good ophthalmological care. I think of others who can't afford treatment and/or cope with more serious, not so easily treated vision issues. I also recall some former students with significantly impaired vision. They struggle with poor vision all of their lives.

In the meantime, I am adjusting to life as a Monet painting. Reading from a Kindle works well. I am not driving on the highway. If the glare and light of a day is too challenging for driving, I call on my husband or a friend for a ride.

Wonder of wonders I can still knit with light colored yarn, a repetitive pattern, and good lighting. As my husband says, "thank goodness." I set aside some socks on size 0 needles because I want to try an after thought heel and I can't see well enough to pick up the stitches. They will keep. I finished the HItchhiker - most of it knit during the miles from Minnesota. I continue to work on the Gemma Shawl. I put the stitches on a dark needle for contrast. Where there is a will, there's a way.

I cast on a Flax Sweater for my youngest grandson. Last winter, the same sweater was a big hit. The yarn washed well and the little blonde guy was handsome in soft gray yarn. Best of all, he liked the sweater. Once he grabbed it off a chair and crawled over to his Mom so she could help him into it. I ordered the same yarn and am knitting the next size up. I have washcloth yarn for garter stitch, if necessary.

If my photos are slightly blurry, know that they will improve in a few weeks. For now, put on those sunglasses, have your eyes checked regularly, and enjoy the flowers.


  1. Your flowers and knits are all beautiful, Jane.

  2. Wishing you the best of luck and quick healing with the surgery. I'm headed that way myself, although the doctor says it will be a few years before it gets bad enough to operate. I'm very squeamish about my eyes so I'm attempting total denial. I tell myself I just don't remember having too much to drink rather than that I'm slowly going blind. :)

  3. I'll add you to my prayer list for a safe procedure and sparkling sharp vision. I love the title of your blog post, so descriptive. My mother in law has macular degeneration and I never take my vision for granted.

  4. beautiful knits....lovely flowers!!! I had both eyes done a couple years ago....still adjusting to the 'new normal'....going from being near sighted to an adjusted far sighted (although one eye is 20/15, so who can complain!?). reading glasses are EVERYWHERE....and I still can't find them when I need them!!!

  5. The very best outcome for your cataract is wonderful how much science has accomplished. Your knitting is lovely and the adaptations/accommodations you are making are excellent suggestions. Look forward to seeing more after surgery!