Saturday, October 7, 2017


This past week, my daughter, Kate and her family visited so we had a house filled with family and joy. We threw a dinosaur party to celebrate their visit. For these three little guys, a party means a theme based cake with coordinating balloons, napkins, cups, and desert plates. The balloons said Happy Birthday but in a flurry of balloon bopping no one noticed or cared. The party-ware and sidewalk foot prints were easy.

As for cake making, let's just say I am more skilled at knitting and quilting. The boys didn't care one bit that the cake wasn't bakery perfect. They thought the "smarshmellows" and lumpy chocolate glaze were delicious.

The two oldest requested a trip to Morrill Hall, The University of Nebraska State Museum so off we went. The museum includes a hands-on science encounter center, dinosaur fossils and skeletons including dinosaur poop. They remembered the poop from last years visit. Poop is always a hit with little boys. Emmett requested I take their photo in front of Archie, the wooly mammoth statue. I don't know if Archie is his name but that is what they call him. They wore their Husker shirts.

Jonah received his quilt. We played at the park, read lots of stories, and enjoyed the days. I returned from the airport yesterday to a quiet house filled with toys, books, laundry, and happy memories.

Today my husband is off fishing with our son and other grandson so the weekend is my own. I may cast on some Christmas gifts. If I can find my shoes, I'm going for a walk. I have one bit of knitting to show. Late September, I finished these Antler Mittens to go with the Peace Cowl I knit last winter. The set will be a November birthday gift.

This morning, my teabag message read, "Love has no boundary." A good message for today and always. I wish you abundant love with no boundary.


  1. That teabag was meant for you this week! I love that you planned a dinosaur party to celebrate the visit, and I know they will remember the wonderful cake, fossils, and poop. This brings back fun memories of how big a hit poop (whether dinosaur or deer) was with my two sons, and I thank you for sharing, along with Jonah and his beautiful quilt.

  2. Joy indeed. That tea message describes you to a tee. Funny how that works out, right?
    Those antler mittens are beautiful.

  3. I am so happy for you Jane! I bet you loved it immensely having the little ones there. I've had my daughter here for three weeks and my son in law for two weeks. I've loved it, but I'm tired! I am planning to not do anything all week long when they leave on Monday (except to knit, read and babysit).

  4. what a wonderful celebration....nothing better than dinosaurs!!! Great idea! I had Hadley pottery for years and years and finally gifted the whole set to my daughter in law who had no idea what she was in for....I used to stop REGULARLY at the Hadley outlet in Louisville and I think I had every design of every farm animal they ever made!!!

  5. Ah! The magic of refreshing and such wonderful memories . What a joy indeed to have the littles and their delight at life and "poop!" A daily message with your teabag; how nice. What tea is that?