Monday, October 16, 2017

October Comforts

Today begs for a walk. The sky is bright blue and the morning air is crisp. Everyday the trees wear more autumn color. I admire the leaves as they let go so easily and float to the ground. The time we live in feels so unsettled. I take comfort in the beauty and predictability of the changing seasons.  Of course, the company of good friends and family, as well as reading and knitting are also comforting.

Yesterday I read "My Mortal Enemy," a short novella by Willa Cather. Although the piece was written in the early 1900's, Cather's message about kindness of spirit and what happens when it is absent is timeless. Even early in her writing career, Cather's writing was skillful. The storyline develops through the depth and description of characters' lives. I am a Cather fan and am enjoying some of her early lesser known works.

If you haven't noticed, my knitting projects often favor shades of blue. I am working on two cowls, both blue. One is an old favorite, a Shallows Cowl. For some reason, knitting this pattern is peaceful. The easy lace reminds me of gentle waves of water rocking grasses at the edge of a lake or river. I am knitting the cowl on some old aluminum needles - blue. I rarely use straight needles but this project seemed to call for them. They belonged to my Gram who taught me to knit so it is fun to use them now and then.

This weekend I cast on the Dance Around the Trees cowl in a Mirasol yarn, a new to me yarn. The label says that a portion of the profit from this yarn goes to support a school in a remote region of Peru. I chose the yarn because I thought it would work well for the pattern and it is a rich teal color - blue. Doing a tiny bit of good is a nice bonus. I am enjoying both projects. They may become gifts. Heaven knows I am well supplied with knitted gear.

I am off to dig out a pair of fingerless mitts to wear on a walk. May the leaves fall gracefully on your October days.


  1. These are pretty colors you're working with. I need to pay more attention when I'm out driving. I haven't noticed any fall leaves.

  2. Even though my back hurts, I'm walking daily and loving my views :) Autumn is simply the bestest.

  3. it's perhaps time for me to revisit some of Cather's work....somehow this seems like the perfect season for it. enjoy the crisp cool autumn walks.....we're close. not there yet, but close!!! (our conservation book club met last week....and everyone loved a sand county almanac!!!)

  4. I am with Steph: time for me too to revisi Willa Cather...thank you for the invitation. Our autumn is slow arriving - the trees seem to be losing leaves but color changes are subtle, if at all - mostly a brownish green. Or perhaps I'm impatient.
    I so enjoyed reading this post...I needed the invitation to stay calm. Your cowls are lovely and do enjoy knitting them.

  5. Your cowl work is beautiful and inspiring . Our colors are peak now. The rain has helped develop the leaves finally. It is a late but lovely fall in Wisconsin