Thursday, December 21, 2017

December 21, 2017

The day is very gray here in Lincoln. The air is cold and the sky hangs heavy with moisture as bare tree tops sway with the wind. Our area has been very dry so rain turning to snow is welcome.

Today is the Winter Solstice, the day the ancients created to coax the return of the sun. It is also a day to knit for peace. As rain begins to fall, I will make another cup of tea and knit mittens for my grandsons. Many are working for peace and common good because all children deserve better. In spite of the new tax law, the natural world cycles toward the light. 

Many mornings I watch the birds outside my window. Today I send this little poem of mine to you. Thank you for reading.  Peace.

December Finch

The little house finch faces the north wind
curling her toes around the lip of the feeder.

She folds her wings into a shawl as fine
as Shetland Lace. The wind blows.

How strong the tiny heart that beats in
the exquisite breast of brown and cream.

The feeder bobs in the breeze. She extends
her neck, chooses a seed, cracks it open.

Breeze ruffles her downy feathers
as she mends the day with her grace.

copyright Jane Wolfe, December 2017


  1. That is a lovely, evocative poem, along with your warm words of knitting, tea, and peace. Wishing all of these for you in abundance.

  2. Oh your poetry is moving! I love that you can write so well, I'm envious :) I hope you get some little flakes and have a wonderful holiday season.

  3. I can tell you have watched birds with joy for a long time because your poetry shows it! I want some snow for Christmas. Just an inch please! it is possible. We are having a gathering tomorrow and I promise to look into the eyes of those who come to our home and not rush around like a crazy one!

  4. What a lovely way to honor the day of peace...and Jane, I love your poem! It is so picturesque and gentle. Thank you so much for sharing ...