Saturday, May 19, 2018

Home Again

I love to travel to see my family and then I am happy to be home safely. A week after the Texas trip we took off for Connecticut. We visited our daughter and her family and had a wonderful time. What's not to love about spending Mother's Day with family? We had so much fun with our three grandsons. Of course, they are growing like weeds. We took a photo to see how their height compares to mine. We will see them again in the autumn and check heights again. By then there will be another little babe and that is exciting too.

We read to all three and walked the two older ones to and from school and preschool. We played and played. My daughter and I took the youngest to the beach one morning and another afternoon we took the preschooler for a short walk in a wooded area. She said this was the first week when the woods were truly green. "Pops", my son-in-law, and the two older boys went into New York City to a Yankees baseball game. They stayed through a rain delay to watch a good share of the game. French fries carried them through the afternoon. We also watched the two older boys' baseball games, t-ball and coach pitch. Something tells me all three boys will play lots of baseball in the future.

My husband and I took a short side trip to Concord, Mass. On a beautiful Spring day we visited the Minute-Man National Park and walked the path of Paul Revere's ride. We crossed the north bridge where the colonists fired "the shot heard round the world" and tried to take a selfie with the iconic Minute Man statue. Another day we visited Old Manse, an Emerson family home, and Orchard House, home of Louisa May Alcott. My grandmother read Little Women to my sister and I when we were girls so Orchard House has long been on my list of places to see. The guide was excellent and personable. Many of the furnishings and artifacts belonged to the Alcott family. We had two full days in Concord, another would have allowed us to see more but we wanted the days with our kids. Perhaps another time.

I am reading Marmee and Louisa, a book written by an Alcott descendent and recommended by the guide. Louisa's mother was not exactly the syrupy sweet mother of Little Women. She descended from the May family of New England and yearned for the Harvard education available to her brother. Later she championed Louisa's desire to write. Alcott's paternal grandmother never had an education and so her son, Bronson Alcott firmly believed that women should be educated. Both of Louisa's parents did their best to educate their daughters. The Alcott family sheltered and aided two African Americans on their way to freedom when Louisa was a girl. Her father supported innovative methods for education. They were an interesting family.  

While I appreciate American colonial history, I would also like to know more about the Native Americans of the area. It was hard to find more than a few sentences about them. Perhaps the Concord Museum would offer information. We didn't tour the museum because we went in search of a late lunch and The Concord Bookshop. Don't miss this independent bookstore if you visit.  

Now it is time to plant my garden. Our local farmer's market will be open tomorrow and I imagine some venders will have bedding plants. Then I will fill in from the local garden centers. Before traveling, I cleaned out the perennial and herb beds. My husband helped me with compost and we spread three wheelbarrows of the "black gold" dirt/compost over the vegetable patch and around the beds. The bleeding heart I was given last year is blooming and the iris are just unfolding their blooms. Today I hope to dodge the rain drops to see what is coming up and how many weeds have sprung back into place while we were away. Have a good weekend. Knitting notes coming on Wednesday.


  1. It is always lovely to see family, but truly it is the most wonderful feeling to be home.
    What a fantastic getaway you had. I adore the pic of you and the boys.

  2. My grandparents lived in Ohio and I grew up in PA, so I always loved when they made a special effort to visit us several times each year, and I would bet that your grandchildren are just as excited and happy when you visit. It sounds like you did the perfect mixture of fun and everyday things and had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was in concord and saw the sights there, I loved it! We were in cape cod and there is an indian statue without a name....I wonder why? I am thrilled that you spent mother's day with your family and you had a great time. The boys are growing quickly!! They are so tall.

  4. sounds like it really was a great trip...but I so know what you mean about 'homecoming'! And nesting. And all the good things that go with it. Bet your garden is in...what did you plant? I really really cut back this year....and plan to rely on the farmers market. Put in a couple cukes and some tomatoes....and turned a whole bed over to asparagus. Concentrating on herbs to make a difference.....a whole array again, but nothing exotic. We do have some blackberries growing along a fence....and the one little grape vine we put in last year is taking over the other side of the garden. What a hoot if we actually get grapes!!! Have no idea anything about them.

  5. I love coming home!!!!! BUt seeing your family looks so lovely too. A Yankees game would be on my list too. Even though I am a Cub fan.

  6. Welcome Home! Concord is a fave place of mine...visited it many decades ago. Big fan of Louisa Mae Alcott! Glad you had such a grand time with your family and good luck with your planting’s.