Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January Journal of Wonder


I choose wonder instead of worry.

I marvel at pomegranate seeds with their rich red color and bright flavor hidden inside tough skin. Who discovered the fruit could be opened and the seeds harvested?

I am astonished by how a deep breath of cold air refreshes body and spirit.

I marvel at the minds of Emily Dickinson and Mary Oliver.

I wonder if I can knit from joy and from stash - not worrying about oldest, newest, or anything in between.

I wonder how cardinals and chickadees stay warm on bitter cold days.

I am astonished to see three red-breasted nuthatches instead of two. How did I miss the third one?

I wonder what would happen if I watched the weather from my window instead of a screen.

I wonder how the birds will keep warm in today's polar vortex.

I marvel at the possibility of a blank page.

I wonder what would happen if we all just made a cup of tea and watched the sun set.

Julieann of Chasing Stories invites bloggers to post monthly about a word for the year. This is my January contribution.


  1. I wonder who decided that an EGG might be good to eat.

    I also wonder how the birds stay warm, especially when I see geese floating on the lakes. Don't their FEET get cold???

  2. Your wonder is so inspiring! Perhaps there should be a tea time for the world in which all nonsense ceases and we just settle back, sip and enjoy the view.

  3. I always wonder about the knitter who first thought to try cables. . . or the first one to work out turning the heel on a sock. Marvelous things. I'm so glad they wondered!

    Thanks for a beautiful post, Jane. XO

  4. When I'm counting my blessings tonight before bed, this beautiful post will be among them. I'm choosing to wonder at the marvel of our blogging community and all I gain from it.

  5. wonder is so you and I loved how you wondered through the post. Love your cardinal photo - so very sweet!!

  6. A wonderful post of wonder. Thank you.

    We have a dish under our peanut feeder to catch the "mess" the birds make. Today I told Fletch I should knit something for the edge of the dish...the birds' feet look like they could freeze on the dish!

  7. This is indeed a lovely and provocative post; thank you for sharing your "wonders" and sparking ours, too ! We must always wonder!