Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Blue Skies

I like winter. I love to look at and walk in a landscape covered with fresh snow. I like the feeling of drawing indoors with a good book, a project, and a pot of soup. I enjoy wearing hand knits. The sunsets are glorious. However - here it comes - gray days, one after another combined with the respiratory virus/infection my husband has been fighting for several weeks are wearing. Last week I bought flowers to add some color to our lives. They were a good prop for this shawl. It is lovely but difficult to photograph. I omitted the final repeat of texture because I didn't have quite enough yarn but it is a good size for a spring and summer wrap. I often am looking for a lightweight neutral shawl to wear in the air conditioning. Just think of it - air conditioning. I enjoyed working with the yarn and the pattern.

Yesterday the sky was a bright blue and I had a lovely walk. The past weekends' ice was melting and the thirty one degree air was crisp. I was warm enough. My daughter took this photo on her walk in Connecticut. I cannot lie, I'd like to be walking beside her under that blue sky. Blue skies have been scarce across the country this winter.

Enough griping about the weather. Today promises to be a little warmer with a not quite-so-bright- sky but still, it is blue enough. A good day for running errands and getting out to Yoga class before the next snowfall.

I am sewing on the quilt blocks a little at a time and have finished half of them. More later. Since being sequestered by bitter cold and ice, I finished one sock and cast on a second. I also cast on a sweater for Norah. The yarn, from my local yarn shop, is plump and soft. I am enjoying it. Setting up the garter stitch panel and raglan increases took three tries. Oy. I am sure I was distracted by the wonderful audio voice of Michelle O'Bama. Her honest straight-forward thoughtful approach to life shines through in her story. I am reading Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit. Stewart writes a rollicking tale laced with a wry sense of humor. This series is based on the career of Constance Kopp, the first woman police officer in Hackensack, N.J.* She is a funny, no nonsense, admirable heroine who champions the rights of young women. The novel is light and serious at the same time.

Joining Kat and the Unravlers before I go enjoy this brief respite from gray days. I hope you see a little bit of blue sky in your neck of the woods soon.

* Correction - NJ not NY!


  1. We have had more than our share of sunless skies recently! I love the color of Norah's sweater! And, thanks for the heads up on the new-to-me series!

  2. Winter is fresh, clean, and beautiful until we get to February when it seems grey and never-ending. This too shall pass, and hopefully we can appreciate the rest of winter. Soon enough I'll be complaining about summer heat!

    Your shawl looks beautiful, especially surrounding colorful flowers and Norah's sweater is such a lovely color. You have the most interesting books; Twelve Kinds of Ice and Happy Winter look perfect for this time of year, and like books I want to read!

  3. The sun is out here today! Bright enough that I have to close the blinds in my office or I have too much glare on my screen. I love the color you have chosen for Norah's sweater.

  4. I have been trying to get past my "winter malaise" this week myself. I do enjoy a lovely snowfall, and don't even mind when it really piles up! It's fun to get out there and enjoy it. But this year, we're in a big snow/big rain cycle, so everything is a sloppy mess most of the time -- with too much ice. Different from usual -- and dragging my spirits down. But I'm working on it! And lovely floral bouquets go a long way at this time of year. I love your new shawl -- it turned out just beautifully in the light neutral. It will be so wonderful . . . come summer. XO

  5. the shawl is gorgeous and I love how you photographed it!! I love snow too and don't mind the winter at all. However, I heard the birds singing and was overjoyed by their song! A sign of spring. I'm trying to cram in all the knitting I can during this season!

  6. The shawl really is pretty next to the flowers.
    I love winter, and I am not pining for spring one little bit. Even so, air conditioning sounds like a fairy tale at this point!