Wednesday, February 27, 2019

February Journal of Wonder

February Journal of Wonder

I wonder why the first cup of morning tea tastes the best.

I wonder why the male downy woodpecker hangs almost upside down on the suet feeder when he could snack right side up.

I wonder how poets continue to be inspired.

How are voice and silence connected? When is silence voice? When is a voice completely silent?

I wonder why technology needs to be constantly updated.

I wonder why every ache and pain of the 60's sets off a clang of alarm. More wonder less worry would be better.

I wonder about the differences in bird song/voice? How did calls of distress, location, marking territory, courting a mate evolve?

I so enjoy nature books with sketches and drawings. Who decided grown-up books do not need artwork? Why not both?

Why not both/and instead of either/or?

I wonder if I could consume/use just enough and no more? What changes can I make?

I wonder why the shadows on the snow look blue in certain sunlight. (Thank you Louise Penny)

What do bluejays know about space that I do not? How do they chase each other in circles among the tree branches without nicking a wing or hitting their heads?

I wonder why it is so hard to knit two mittens or two socks exactly the same size?

Yesterday I missed linking with Chasing Stories monthly post on one little word. I'll link today.
I am also linking with Kat and the Unravelers. I am in between books. Oh the possibilities. I finished the fingerless mitts. My sister told me about this pattern. If you knit the mitts with two contrasting skeins of variegated yarn, the colorwork is easy to do. The mitts are warm and make great gifts. This is my third pair. I'm stitching away on Norah's quilt. The cold snowy weather, including a blizzard, gives me extra hours to sew. The blocks are finished so I am trimming, fudging, and unraveling as I sew the top together. I am past the half way point with three or four hours to go. 

Stay warm. Friday is March 1. I wonder if the month will come in as a lion or a lamb. I'd love lamb like weather but as one of my grandson says, "The wrinkles (icicles) are frozen." Yes indeed.


  1. Lots of Wonder! I might know the reason for blue shadows on snow. Ryan had a philosophy professor in college who did an occasional class that he called "ask me anything", and they discussed this phenomenon. It's because the snow is white, so it can reflect any color, and you are seeing the shadow plus the reflected blue of the sky. I'm not sure if it's a real explanation, but it sounds good to me. Some things should remain wondrous and not have to be explained.

    Your mitts are a beautiful blue, and I'm happy to see Norah's quilt looking so good.

  2. So much Wonder here! Nuthatches feed upside down as well. And I love that your grandson calls icicles "wrinkles." So cute (and those are mighty impressive wrinkles in your photo!).

  3. Expanding on Bonny's comment --------that is also why the ocean appears blue.

    I have lots of those same wonders. But, isn't it great that we still WONDER WHY?

  4. I can tell you that when painting snow scenes (watercolor), one never paints snow as white. It's always blue or purple or gray . . . sometimes even rose or peach. Such a wonder!

  5. I love all this wonder!! And, those mitts - even if they are not the same, they are gorgeous!! I am happy for March and am hoping that it comes roaring in!

  6. This post makes me happy, because I think the world is full of wonder, and we don't think about it enough. Your projects look great, I especially like the design on the fingerless mitts.

  7. love your list of wonders! I send all my worries about health in prayer and hope I've covered it all. I wonder how poets, writers and artists get inspirations that are never ending.

  8. Jane, I think adult books should have drawings too! I love that about kids books.
    I wish technology would make changes more user friendly. Every thing seems to involve me asking my grown kids for help!

  9. I imagine the month came in as a lion for you. It certainly did for us! It is uber-cold today! I love those mitts. This winter I have used my mitts a lot! My office at school is freezing so I often have them on all day.