Wednesday, June 19, 2019


The days do fly by. When I look out the window over my desk, I am sheltered by birch leaves. One morning I watched shades of green change as sun broke through the clouds. I haven't had a green sweater for quite some time. I've been looking for just the right shade of raspberry but maybe green would be a good choice for a winter sweater. It is something to think about.

In the meantime, I've been sewing. I've made many quilts but not sewed other things recently so these projects were fun. Some time ago, Kat linked to a pattern for a pillowcase dress for little girls. It was so cute and simple I made one for Norah. I also used several tutorials to sew two lined project bags. (Missouri Star Quilting Co. and Hue Loco and Darvenlee Design Studio ) Naturally I learned some things about sewing bags. The first bag is almost too small as I sewed wider seam allowances than specified. The second one is a little larger than I intended but I will use it for sweater projects. Next go around, I'll aim for a bag size in between. Bigger bags may need some kind of handle. Some makers sew them into a side seam. I will also take the zipper out of the package ahead of time to see if the folds (from being in the package) can be smoothed out. After ripping out one zipper, I managed to install it with fabric tabs on the ends. I also prefer medium weight interfacing to the fusible fleece used in the bigger bag. Makers are generous to post free patterns and tutorials and zippered pouch bag tutorials abound. Since these were trial and error projects, I used fabric I had on hand. I will say, prices charged by independent business women on Etsy are quite reasonable. The projects take materials, time, and occasional ripping.

In the evenings, I am hand stitching the binding to Norah's Christmas Quilt and knitting on the sampler scarf. This scarf is a process knit and turning out to be quite fun. Due to the variety of stitches, it may have a wavy edge. I decided not to fret about that and just enjoy the yarn and the knitting.

I listened to Transcription, yet another story about World War Two. Kate Atkinson is a good writer. This latest book provides a voice for a young woman doing war work in London and examines the tangled world of political viewpoints. Toni Morrison's new book of essays, The Source of Self-Regard arrived in my library audio requests. After listening to the first three, I realize these pieces are deep and thoughtful. I will better understand them if I read a print version so I set the audio aside.  In one of the first pieces, she comments on globalization and the movement of people around the world. She offers a very interesting perspective. I have just begun reading Power and Possibility: Essays, Reviews, and Interviews by Elizabeth Alexander. I heard Alexander interviewed on the podcast, "On Being" and find her another thoughtful voice. All these writers offer food for thought.

I love the way this lavender blooms with the two small leaves and blossoms half way down the stalk. I don't know why the plant does this but I find it charming.

Have a good week. Click on the link to Kat and the Unravelers for more reading, making, and knitting.


  1. I love your scarf , both yarn and pattern!

  2. Norah's dress is darling! And, I love those bags! (thank you for the links!) If I can get through a few more bingo squares, I want to get back to Kate Atkinson! Right now I have just begun Middlemarch and I feel like I have been invited in, am settled, and now the story unfolds. Just exactly what I needed.

  3. That's a lovely dress! I loke those bags too. Making project bags is high on my list of things to sew when we've moved. I recently started a sampler scarf too. Such a great way to get a feeling for different stitch patterns.

  4. Your project bags are just adorable. Thanks for sharing the tutorials. I'd like to make a few for myself.

    Your scarf is off to a beautiful start. I think I wavy end is going to enhance it. If it comes out as well as it looks like it will, you should post a "recipe" pattern for the rest of us.

  5. Oh man! Now I want a little granddaughter - LOL. The pillowcase dress you made for Norah is just so sweet. Love the fabric. I would like to make some project bags, so thanks for the links to tutorials. Summer is not the best time for me to sew. I seem to get extremely frustrated when it is hot and humid.

  6. It sounds like you're having a lovely summer of making things! I think your scarf is particularly lovely, and that little dress is adorable. When I use a zipper out of a package, I always iron out the tape before I sew. Takes those ridges right out! :-)

  7. love the scarf!! Your sewing bags look great - I am not a sew-ist (I doubt that I will be) but I admire people who do sew and their talents!!