Wednesday, November 4, 2020

November 4th

Leaves fall gently on this warm November day. This week we will make one more pass through the yard to make certain the outdoor and garden paraphernalia is stored for winter. Drip hoses are still staked down in the tomato patch and there may be a stake or two lingering in the perennial bed. Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day with a clear blue sky. I walked late in the afternoon and the trees were filled with autumn light. Today's sky, with a few clouds on the horizon, is not quite as bright. 

To Kat and Kym and all the other poll workers, letter writers, and volunteers, thank you for your service. Now we wait. Once again I am thankful that Gram taught me to knit all those many years ago. When the 19th amendment was adopted she was sixteen. Now I wish I had asked her about that time. She was never short an opinion. Occasionally she worked at polling places. I can imagine her knitting or hand sewing in a corner of her davenport (couch) while listening to election results on a radio and later on a small black and white television. Mom would have cross-stitched as she and Dad followed the news. The idea of joining a large contingent of knitters this week and in the weeks to come is comforting. 

Last night I finished the little baby sweater and darned if I don't still have some bits of leftover yarn. Sometimes I think that as socks disappear in the wash, yarn multiplies in project bags. The sweater needs a wash to keep the bottom ribbing flat and then I'll weave in the ends. The color-blocking made a fun sweater for some little person. 

I knit a few more inches on the poncho. I am enjoying knitting it. Not much else to write about a rectangle of stockinette. 

I cast on a vanilla ribbed sock out of stash yarn. Honestly I looked for yarn that wasn't blue and this is what I found. I need another project that isn't round and round stockinette. On the other hand, winter is coning and the Connecticut kids have outgrown their hats and mittens. I love to knit for them. As soon as I have current measurements or reports on whose hat fits, I will be knitting hats and mittens. 

I finished Mozart's Starling in the wee hours of last night. This is a lovely book of nature writing, music, Mozart, and birds. A passage about the murmurations of starlings and the science behind these beautiful waves of flight fascinated me. I will never be a big fan of starlings but now I will appreciate some of their behavior and characteristics. When I read during the day (which is not often) I pick up Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf. Her writing about women's suffrage, the right of women to a college degree and to work in professions previously open only to men, and views on war is brilliant if a little hard to follow. I find this nonfiction worth the effort. Her footnotes and more extensive notes at the end of the book provide helpful explanation and context. 

I'm linking with Kat and the Unravelers for Unraveled Wednesday. Gentle readers, hang on tight and keep the faith under this November sky. 

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  1. I'm knitting in companionship with you, and it also gives me a feeling of comfort imagining your grandmother and mother, and my grandmother along with us. Your blue poncho-to-be is lovely, as is your not-blue sock. May we all have patience, hope, and acceptance wherever they may be needed.

  2. Yep ........ knitting certainly helps with the waiting. Not that we aren't all anxious to find out the results, but knitting makes it better for sure.

    The child sweater is beautiful and I love your new sock yarn.

  3. That sweater is just adorable! And I would like to profoundly thank all the mail-in-ballot voters in so many states! They made my day so worthwhile! (also, thank you for the book recommendations!)

  4. Hi Jane - that is an adorable sweater. I am with you on trying to be patient and stay positive while waiting for everything to be resolved. My grandmother was a young mother during the Spanish Flu pandemic and I sure wish I could sit down and talk to her about that - and also women getting the vote. Have a good week, my friend. Let's hope we get everything resolved quickly and peacefully.

  5. How very cute is that sweater! Don’t you feel like you created something magical from nothing when you pair orphan bits of yarn and make something wonderful.

  6. I am not a patient person by nature, so I'm not sure what I'd do during times like these when there is so much waiting without knitting to keep my hands busy. I am encouraged by the news of yesterday, and I hope we hear more good news today. The sun has been out this week, and I can only see it as a hopeful sign.

  7. The little sweater is darling Jane! And the new socks are so pretty. I've added "Mozart's Starling" to by TBR pile - sounds like something that would appeal to me.

  8. OMG! I LOVE those socks! The colors in the yarn are just so pretty! I think that no matter which political side you are on, knitting, or any kind of handcrafting, will bring comfort through the coming weeks.

  9. I love love love that sock color way!! I am grateful for all the knitting I can squeeze into my day :)

  10. Oh I love your sock yarn stripes!

  11. I didn't get much knitting or reading accomplished last week ... maybe I just didn't have the right projects/books :-)